13th A.M.E. Episcopal District – East TN’s Women’s Missionary Society Participates In Stormdrain Stenciling Project

The 13th A.M.E. Episcopal District – East TN- Chattanooga Conference – Women’s Missionary Society participated in a stormdrain stenciling project on Tuesday this week.

The women stenciled a couple of stormdrains in the Citico Creek Watershed where the meeting took place. Kimberly Strong, public information specialist for the City’s Water Quality Program, was the guest speaker for the meeting.

"Stormdrain stenciling is an a educational tool to educate citizens on the importance of not putting anything into a stormdrain. Anything that runs down a storm drain flows directly into our streams and creeks. It does not receive any kind of treatment through the sanitary sewer system.

"When we stencil the ‘ONLY RAIN DOWN THE STORMDRAIN’ onto our storm drains, this provides a visible reminder to the consequences of improper waste disposal in storm drains," officials said.

Gloria Beverly is the group’s president.

For more information on stormdrain stenciling or Water Quality Educational Programs, contact Kimberly M. Strong at 423-643-6187 or by email at kstrong@chattanooga.gov.

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