Why A Trip To Franklin Tennessee Might Be Exactly What You Need

Why A Trip To Franklin Tennessee Might Be Exactly What You Need

Although you may never have heard of Franklin in Tennessee before, it’s actually a nice place to visit. It is located near one of the major cities, Nashville to be specific. It is located just south so if you decide to head up into the larger city to take a tour, that’s also something you can do. However, Franklin has many activities that you can participate in in order to have a great vacation. Here are just a few of the many things that you will have available if you decide to visit this summer or fall.

What Museums Does It Have?

One of the first places that tourists will go when they come to a new city is a will start looking at the different museums. Lotz House Museum is one of those places that many people gravitate to because it is both affordable and has a lot to offer. For those that would like to have a guided tour of a specific location, the Carter House is recommended by many. It is a little more expensive, but it is a very interesting tour that will teach you all about Franklin in Tennessee.

Outdoor Activities In Franklin

Although most people will want to go hiking, you might consider something a little more dangerous. Perhaps you are not afraid of heights, and going high up in the air is something that you would prefer. There is the Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures that you can take advantage of. You will get absolutely amazing views of the entire area. If that’s too high for you, you can take the Soar Adventure Tower ride which is going to also elevate you so you can see all around. This is also very inexpensive, and for those that enjoy being on the ground, there are Segway tours which are also extremely fun.

Franklin may not be at the same level as Nashville, but it does have a lot to offer. You could stay here if you would prefer not being in the large city. There are so many things that you can do in this community that you may find yourself wanting to come back. If you haven’t been to Tennessee before, you should certainly consider staying several days in the beautiful city of Franklin which will be an exciting adventure whether you are by yourself or with your family.

What You Can Do In Knoxville And Gatlinburg Tennessee

What You Can Do In Knoxville And Gatlinburg Tennessee

There are a couple of places that you should visit that are only about one hour from each other located on the east side of Tennessee. These cities are called Knoxville and Gatlinburg, and each of them will have different tourist attractions that you will get to enjoy. Let’s go over what you can do in Knoxville first, and then show you what Gatlinburg house to offer. We will also discuss ways of saving money on the vacation that you are going to take once you decide to go.

Tourist Attractions In Knoxville You Should Try

There are two places that you definitely need to see when you get to Knoxville. Ijams Nature Center his the first place you should go as it will take you out into a wilderness area. There are several different places that you can go, and it is considered by many to be the best Park in Knoxville. The other place you should go, especially if you would like to bring trinkets back for people when you are done with your vacation is the Market Square.

Tourist Attractions In Gatlinburg You Should Visit

Another city that is absolutely wonderful is Gatlinburg. It has three places you should visit. That would include Sugarlands Distilling Company, Cooter’s Place, and Ripley’s Aquarium. There is very little that will not impress you about all of these locations. For some people, they might prefer the aquarium because they enjoy fish. Regardless of which one you like the best, these are going to make your stay in Gatlinburg very memorable, a place that you may want to return to at a later point in time.

Your decision to go to Tennessee should definitely include these cities. You will then want to start planning for your trip. You can look at the package deals that are available on travel websites which will help you save a substantial amount of money when you are ordering your flight, car, and the hotel that you will be staying at. It is a great way to introduce yourself to the state of Tennessee. It is representative of one of the best aspects of this unique state that has so much to offer people that are coming in as a tourist. Not only are you going to have an incredible amount of fun, but you are going to see why so many people recommend this area of the United States.

Colorado Is A Beautiful State Worth Spending Some Of Your Time

Colorado Is A Beautiful State Worth Spending Some Of Your Time

Colorado is hands down one of the most beautiful states in the US. That might be my biased opinion based on two separate snowboarding trips there with a church youth group, but many people would agree with me. I’ve never been to one of the spots in Colorado that I want to go to the most. It’s one of the most visited cities in the state, Boulder. This city was featured in the fictional movie ‘The Stand,’ and while that may not seem like a fittingly picturesque image, other things I’ve seen and heard about Boulder, Colorado make it seem like the most peaceful and gorgeous spot for living or vacationing.

The city I visited twice was Monarch or Monarch Mountain in Salida, Colorado. The first time around we stayed up on the mountain and that to me was the best. The lodge was a little weird, like as in ‘The Shining’ weird, but that’s also what made it and the people there cool. I have great memories of the place, and the next year we stayed at a cheap chain hotel. It was nice enough and all but didn’t come with as much unique amenities and memories. Mind you; the lodge was out in the middle of the woods in the mountains.

The chain hotel we stayed at was actually at the base of the mountain down the road in Salida, Colorado. I recommend going for a unique experience with a lodge or something, but make sure you keep an open mind. You’ll want to be sure the reviews match what you expect first as well. Some of the people that went with me still preferred the chain hotel, but I liked the lodge. If you want to experience Colorado for real, you want unique lodging accommodations.

You also want to know the best spots. You can visit Denver, which may just be the cream of the crop. You want to look at places like the ones mentioned, Boulder, Salida and Monarch Mountain. Those are some of my suggestions, and of course there are many other great cities and attractions to choose from as well.

Colorado would be one of those states I would look at to live if I weren’t already so happy with where I live now. I love coastal South Carolina, but I’ve enjoyed my trips to Colorado. If you’re planning a visit there, one of the things you will remember the most is how beautiful it is there.